Welcome to the Learning Center, Neighbor

Welcome to the Learning Center, Neighbor

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Municipal Bond Tax Exemption

What’s the Story on the Municipal Bond Tax Exemption?

From the iconic Golden Gate Bridge to Chicago’s Millennium Park, municipal bonds (“munis”) have helped states and localities to raise the funds necessary to build some of our country’s most ambitious capital projects.

Individual Investor on Neighborly

Getting Started as an Individual Investor on Neighborly

So you’ve signed up as an individual investor on Neighborly.

How to be A Good Neighbor 28 Articles

News from the Neighborhood Purple

News from the Neighborhood: March 1, 2017

Stay in touch with neighbors from across the country with our curated collection of stories worth caring about.

Muniland News & Resources 59 Articles

Join Me at GFOA to Talk Infrastructure Financing

We’re facing an infrastructure crisis in this country.

Muniland Minute CSG Purple

Muniland Minute: November 18, 2016

The Market Now Exists in a Completely Different Rate Range that all Investors Should be Aware of.

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How Cambridge and its Residents Unlocked the Future of Public Finance

Perhaps now more than ever, folks across the country are looking for ways to invest in their communities and collaborate to build a better future.

Neighborly Raised a Series A

Neighborly Raised a Series A

Today we’re thrilled to announce that Neighborly raised a $25 million Series A round to further our mission of modernizing public finance.