Jase Wilson

CEO of Neighborly. MIT grad blessed with ADHD. Obsessed with cities.

Regenerative Finance Trumps Extractive Finance

Magic happens when your community invests in itself: when the money it borrows to pay for civic goods — like schools, bike lanes, and parks — comes from you and your neighbors. Instead of Wall Street.

JaseRegenerative Finance Trumps Extractive Finance

Bonds are Sold, Not Bought!

Neighborly is changing the way you invest in the places and civic projects you care about You should have direct access to high-quality, tax-exempt investment opportunities in your backyard The chance to comfortably invest in something you can believe in, something you can reach out and touch Without the need to be an accredited investor Without needing a PhD in Finance And without spending as much as three years worth of returns in fees while doing it. Over the last two years worth of conversations -- and we’ve had hundreds of them to date, with representatives of every aspect of this market -- a clear pattern has emerged.
JaseBonds are Sold, Not Bought!