Kiran Jain

Chief Strategy Officer. Former senior deputy city attorney for the City of Oakland. Civic innovator. Placemaker.

In Search of a Resilient Future

America is designed to be bold and innovative, two reasons why I joined the founding team of Neighborly. Neighborly is on the forefront of changing the way cities finance the public infrastructure people rely on to live, work, and play. Neighborly is building the future of public finance with an understanding that cities aren’t just about structures and space, cities are about the people that shape them. As a financial technology company, Neighborly is providing public finance stakeholders with the right set of data tools and access to capital. In turn, cities can more easily finance public infrastructure while increasing their residents’ ability to invest in these community projects.
KiranIn Search of a Resilient Future

The Next Generation of Public Finance

Neighborly recently participated in a discussion with Colin MacNaught, the architect of MassDirect Notes, a program providing investors with direct access to new-issue general obligation bonds in Massachusetts, and Tim Schaefer, Deputy Treasurer of Public Finance for the State of California. Hosted by the California Debt Investment Advisory Commission, we discussed the future of public finance and increased transparency and liquidity in this marketplace.
KiranThe Next Generation of Public Finance