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How the Financial Crisis Improved the Municipal Bond Market

This week, Neighborly is interviewing Paul Rosenstiel, board member of the California State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS) Previously, Paul served as managing director at Stifel and managing partner of the San Francisco office of De La Rosa & Co From 2007-2009, Paul served as Deputy State Treasurer to Bill Lockyer in California Paul helped manage the State of California’s issuance of bonds during a national financial crisis This proved to be a challenging time - one that offered learning experiences that Neighborly wanted to hear all about! What does a Deputy State Treasurer do? How did you first get involved on this side of public finance? After more than 20 years as a public finance banker, I joined Steve Westly’s campaign for governor in 2006 as his policy director After Steve lost in the primary, I joined Bill Lockyer’s campaign team.
Lily ChandrasekherHow the Financial Crisis Improved the Municipal Bond Market

The Top 5 Values in Public Innovation and How to Champion Them

At Neighborly we believe that aligning your team and work around core values is critical to serving users and solving problems that matter. This thinking is most essential in the public sector so we’d like to take a moment to celebrate some of the public agencies from around the US who are championing values similar to ours.    Here are our top five company core values:
  1. Promote data transparency to foster better decision making
  2. Digitize paper-driven processes to save time and money
  3. Prioritize superb user experience in all our products and services
  4. Ensure the highest data security for our users
  5. Be agile and collaborative
How do we embody these values and which agencies impressed us most with their similar thinking?
Lily ChandrasekherThe Top 5 Values in Public Innovation and How to Champion Them

Lily Chandrasekher Joins Neighborly

Hey there, I'm Lily and this week I joined the Neighborly team as a User Experience Designer. Here's a little bit about me: I'm a formally trained neuroscientist-turned-UX designer. I revel in the opportunities to design for complex systems and serve niche user populations.
Lily ChandrasekherLily Chandrasekher Joins Neighborly