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Neighborly Bonds Challenge FAQ

Want to apply? See for more information. New to Neighborly? Watch this first.   What is Neighborly? Neighborly is a San Francisco based firm, and provides underwriting services through its registered broker dealer subsidiary, Neighborly Securities. Neighborly leverages its financial technology focus to deliver an enhanced connection between states and localities to investors in their communities. Neighborly is not a municipal advisor. Do I have to have a project ready to finance? No. You may apply without a project. However, please indicate the type of projects that you are considering. For instance, if you want to submit an infrastructure project, but are not sure which specific project you would like to fund, indicate “TBD - Infrastructure” in the Project Description.
neighborlyblogNeighborly Bonds Challenge FAQ

Mary Taft-McPhee Joins Neighborly

Hi, I’m Mary, the new data scientist here at Neighborly! In my previous incarnation as a convertible bond trader for a large bank I got plenty of experience with people’s perceptions of financial activities and their social value. When I told someone what I did for a living I would often see their face fall.
neighborlyblogMary Taft-McPhee Joins Neighborly

Muniland Minute: May 27, 2016

New Bill to Boost Revenue for CA Schools, $2-Billion Plan to Ease Homelessness Across CA, Munis Show Strength as Recovery Continues

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Legislative Update: Updated CSBA Positions and New Legislation on Local Bonds, Lease-Leaseback

“CSBA plans to actively support a bill introduced by Assemblymember Tony Thurmond that would allow school districts to generate greater local revenue to meet facilities needs by amending current restrictions on bond values.
neighborlyblogMuniland Minute: May 27, 2016

What’s the Difference Between a Muni Bond Fund and a Muni Bond?

How to Pick the Right Investment Path For You

Even if you’ve never bought a municipal bond before, if you have an investment account, there’s a good chance you have some muni bonds sitting in your portfolio. But what if you’d like to invest in a specific public project, place or sector by buying an individual muni bond directly?
neighborlyblogWhat’s the Difference Between a Muni Bond Fund and a Muni Bond?

Muniland Minute: May 13, 2016

Welcome to the Neighborhood, Puerto Rico’s Warning Signs, Muni Market Resilience, SFPUC Green Bonds

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New to the Neighborhood? Take a Joyride!

Using a new product in a professional context is rarely an easy switch. It may feel about as uncomfortable as switching banks or using a new health care provider. That’s why we’ve launched a system called ‘joyrides’, where you get a walkthrough of the page you’re on and its key features.
neighborlyblogMuniland Minute: May 13, 2016

Dylan O’Carroll Joins Neighborly

Hey I’m Dylan, a new software engineer here at Neighborly. In addition to being a coder, I’m also a finance nerd and hobbyist investor. I love keeping up on economic news and market trends because I believe it’s a great way to watch history play out in real time.
neighborlyblogDylan O’Carroll Joins Neighborly