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Comparisons: Analyze Issuances and Create Spread Charts

One of the most powerful tools in any market is context. How does the investment I'm considering compare to other things like it? What price should I expect to pay? We rely on these comparisons in markets ranging from stocks and real estate to used cars.
RodrigoComparisons: Analyze Issuances and Create Spread Charts

Public Finance Disclosures 101

Issuing municipal bonds isn’t just a simple matter of asking for money in exchange for a promised interest payment and return of principal. For example, if a school district issues bonds to the people, it needs to keep them apprised of its financial happenings – and those news updates are called disclosures.
RodrigoPublic Finance Disclosures 101

The Public Finance Deal Team

We all know that municipal bonds are used to raise capital for local public projects, such as road repairs and community parks. But how exactly do the bonds get financed? Who decides how much financing is needed, how the issuance should be structured, and how it should be sold to investors? There’s a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to make a municipal bond issuance happen. Let’s meet the key players.
RodrigoThe Public Finance Deal Team

Browse: Your Power Search Tool for Public Finance

Want to find all the refunding issuances by Napa county schools in 2014? Or track down all the school district issuances of more than $100MM in the past twenty years? Or find public school districts based in Contra Costa county? This week we launched Browse on Neighborly Pro, which allows you to answer these questions and learn more about issuers, issuances and finance teams. Don't have an account yet? Sign up now.
RodrigoBrowse: Your Power Search Tool for Public Finance

Building a Data Community for Public Finance

Financing the places we love should be simple. Right? Imagine we could learn from the past two decades of the internet and the benefits of information becoming freer than ever before. From how that freedom has benefited healthcare, software and now even artificial intelligence. That’s where we’re going. But first let's talk about where we are.
RodrigoBuilding a Data Community for Public Finance

How Neighborly Supports Public Finance Teams

If you work in public finance, you’re among the most mission-driven individuals in the financial sector. You’re also possibly one of the least celebrated. Your neighbors probably don’t realize that you help finance critical local projects like the schools, water systems, and parks they take for granted. It’s even less likely they’re aware of the challenges you and your colleagues face in putting together such projects. At Neighborly, solving those challenges is core to our mission of enabling anyone to invest in anywhere. That’s why today we launched a set of tools called Neighborly Pro to empower professionals like you to raise capital for public projects more quickly and more efficiently.
RodrigoHow Neighborly Supports Public Finance Teams

What We’re Building

Hey there Neighbor, Neighborly has been working hard to give everyone the chance to invest in the places they live, work and play. You have told us how excited you are to invest in places, we pioneered an investment opportunity in a California school and our mission has gained the support of a world class team of investors and technologists. It’s been an exciting ride and it’s only just beginning.
RodrigoWhat We’re Building