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Ethic Brings Sustainable Investing Mainstream

Jay Lipman, co-founder, pitching Ethic to us from our kitchen counter!

Here at Neighborly, we get jazzed up when we see financial institutions prioritize capital as a tool to address social and ecological challenges. We draw inspiration from organizations that empower investors to do well by doing good. It’s core to our mission to allow anyone to invest in anywhere.

Sam RichardsEthic Brings Sustainable Investing Mainstream

Top Ways to Help Your Community

What does the word “community” mean to you? For some, community means the four-block radius surrounding their homes. For others, community means their entire neighborhood, city, or town. Regardless of how you define your community, you should know that you can play an active role in building it and helping it grow. But how? There are countless opportunities to get started, and here’s the best part: You don’t need to be rich, or powerful, or of a certain age to make a real impact. The way to really  make a difference over time is a series of small steps. Here are some great ways to get started.
NeighborlyTop Ways to Help Your Community

7 Creative Community Project Ideas

While voluntourism is still a huge trend, what about doing the opposite, focusing your time, effort, and funds in your own local community? While there’s a lot to be gained by traveling far to make a contribution, community-driven projects are a great way for residents to take on the challenges facing their own neighborhood and many communities stand to benefit from this do-it-yourself approach to solving local problems.
Neighborly7 Creative Community Project Ideas

The Rise of Community Investing in the Muni Bond Market

Won't You Help My Neighbor?

What is Community Investing?

Community investing is a form of socially responsible investing that generates returns for investors while funding projects to benefit communities. Building K-12 schools, running local hospitals, and turning vacant land and buildings into affordable housing units are typical projects funded by community investing. While you may think such opportunities are for experienced investors, the millennial generation already has the potential to make a significant contribution. By getting involved now, you can directly help your neighbors and your city or town.
Lindsay MackThe Rise of Community Investing in the Muni Bond Market

Put Your Money Where Your Eco Ideals Are

Invest in the Future of the Planet Now

So your morning coffee is ethically sourced. You have rocked thrift shop fashions for years – long before Macklemore made it cool – and you bike to the grocery store every weekend. Like most people from our generation, you try to spend your money in ways that are beneficial and support positive causes. Fortunately, you can continue this strategy with your investments too. Look no further than green muni bonds.
Lindsay MackPut Your Money Where Your Eco Ideals Are