News from the Neighborhood: October 21, 2016

Social Impact Bonds, Local Businesses, Crowdfunding in Africa, Fintech is Substance and Hype

News from the Neighborhood: October 21, 2016

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Social Impact Bonds: What are the Problems Behind the Name?

Social impact bonds hold extraordinary potential. They represent a more effective way to distribute grant dollars, catalyze investment in the nonprofit sector, unlock impact data, and foster greater transparency and accountability. For a nonprofit sector that to date has been shackled with an opaque and inefficient capital market, any of these benefits would be transformative.

Local Businesses Return Three Times as Much Money to Local Businesses as Chain Stores

By choosing local and independent businesses for your shopping, dining, and service needs you are helping your local community prosper. These extra dollars help lower taxes, create a healthier environment, and increase community wealth.

Crowdfunding Finds a Natural Community Fit in Africa

The crowdfunding market in Africa was worth $127 million in 2015 and is reported to rise to more than $190 million this year. In Africa, crowdfunding platforms have been fueled by a real market need for alternative sources of financing, the expansion of mobile technology, the rise of the middle-class, and diaspora remittances.

Why Fintech Has Substance as Well as hype

The Financial Times lists 5 reasons why Fintech will produce the biggest upheaval in financial services since the credit card was invented more than 60 years ago: Finance is ripe for disruption, regulators are pushing for change, money keeps pouring in, big name bankers believe in it, and it is happening already.

Neighborly is the municipal bond marketplace where you can invest in the local projects you care about.

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SeanNews from the Neighborhood: October 21, 2016

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