News from the Neighborhood: November 18, 2016

Economic Gobbledygook, Mathematical Models of Herding Cows, Grocers Feel Chill from Millennials, California’s Booming yet Many of Its Cities Aren’t Feeling It

News from the Neighborhood: November 18, 2016

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How Economic Gobbledygook Divides Us

“As a rule of thumb, texts aimed at a general audience must be written at a 10th-grade level or below. The literature of finance, by contrast, uses a far more esoteric tool kit.”

Private sector bank output tends to require a reading level of Grade 12 and Bank of England writing requires a reading level of Grade 14.

Fourteenth grade … who among us doesn’t have happy memories of that?

What Mathematical Models of Herding Cows can Teach us About the Market

“Investors are often said to exhibit herding behavior when they follow each other into crowded positions — creating market bubbles that are susceptible to sudden pops when everyone begins stampeding for the exit.”

Grocers Feel Chill from Millennials

“Grocers are struggling to lure e-commerce-loving millennials into their aisles amid what experts say is a permanent shift in shopping patterns among consumers. Baby boomers used to bring long grocery lists to supermarkets and club stores. Now shoppers in their 20s and 30s are visiting supermarkets less frequently than their parents, government records and survey data show.”

California’s Booming, yet Many of Its Cities Aren’t Feeling It

“The government’s revenues aren’t keeping up with rising expenses, including for employee pensions, despite the thriving technology industry, home-price gains and rapid economic growth in much of the state. That’s due in part to the landmark property-tax limits California voters approved almost four decades ago that have prevented municipalities from reaping windfalls as the housing market rebounded from last decade’s crash.”

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SeanNews from the Neighborhood: November 18, 2016

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