News from the Neighborhood: March 1, 2017

News from the Neighborhood: March 1, 2017

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Dear Cambridge Residents,

Thank you for making history last month, and for showing the world what it means to put the public back in public finance. You recovered a long hidden cornerstone of our democracy: the act of investing directly in one’s own community.

While Neighborly is proud to have played a part in your pioneering effort, the dedicated professionals in Cambridge City Hall are the heroes. They stood up for your right to invest directly in your community. They made this opportunity possible. It’s an honor to serve the civic visionaries of Cambridge.

On behalf of the Neighborly team, thank you all again for setting an example in an era when our nation’s communities need strong role models like the citizens and civic leaders of Cambridge.


Jase Wilson

CEO, Neighborly

Cambridge, MA Makes Public Finance History as the First City to Offer Tradable Bonds Online Direct to Citizens

The City of Cambridge became the first city to offer tradable bonds online directly to citizens on February 17th. In the city’s first mini-bond issuance, they successfully sold $2 million worth of bonds to 229 residents, marking the final step in successfully democratizing public finance and “bringing capital back from Wall Street to Massachusetts Avenue”. (Cambridge City Councilor, Leland Cheung)

Data Shows Business Outperforms With Women

“The World Economic Forum recently released the most comprehensive report to date on global gender equality. It showed that women will get equal pay – in 170 years. While the news may be disheartening for women and gender equality advocates, it’s particularly grim for another audience: investors.”

Jason Anderson Joins Neighborly

“Hi, I’m Jason, the new Managing Director of Capital Markets here at Neighborly. I have spent my entire professional career in Public Finance. It was a decision that I made during my senior year of college, while studying finance and public policy at Franklin & Marshall. If I was going to step foot into the financial markets, I wanted to transact in a market that was tangible.”

Neighborly is the municipal bond marketplace where you can invest in the local projects you care about.

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Jase Wilson

CEO of Neighborly. MIT grad blessed with ADHD. Obsessed with cities.

JaseNews from the Neighborhood: March 1, 2017

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