Muniland Minute: September 23, 2016

with Matt Posner of The Court Street Group

Muniland Minute: September 23, 2016

FOMC Stays the Course

Rates moved into lower ranges after the Federal Reserve stayed the course in terms of monetary policy and municipal bonds followed.

Updated Information On Who Owns Municipal Bonds Shows Banks Buying Big

New data on municipal bond ownership sees the largest bank quarterly increase in over a year.

Stanford University Data on Pension Details Has Upsides and Downsides

A review of California pension details in cities and counties offers hints of promise but lacking data is concerning.

Global Events Can Impact Municipal Investors In Unanticipated Ways

The bankruptcy of a large South Korean shipping company may, or may not, have implications for municipal bond investors.

Muniland Minute is a recurring guest post from Matt Posner and Bob Donahue of The Court Street Group looking at the week ahead in municipal finance. CSG is an independent leader in public finance research servicing individual investors, broker dealers, investment advisors and governmental bodies. This post is not to be considered legal, financial, or tax advice.
Matt PosnerMuniland Minute: September 23, 2016

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