Muniland Minute: October 28, 2016

with Matt Posner of The Court Street Group

Muniland Minute: October 28, 2016

October Saw Many Euro Sovereign Debt Markets Decline With Implications for the Muni Market

With German bunds set to have their worst monthly performance this October since making headlines, this could have some implications for U.S. municipal bond markets. However, the market isn’t seeing negative implications just yet.

Mutual Funds See Inflows This Week

The previous week saw investors leave municipal bond mutual funds on a net basis for the first time in over a year. This ended up being blip on the screen and not a trend…for now at least.

Money Market Fund Exit Orderly Thus Far

Spurred by new regulations and overall compressed yields, the money market complex that invests in municipal bonds have seen capital exit in droves. However, with new rules now in place, the market is starting to sort out the process.

Healthcare Issuers Continued to Access the Market

Hospitals have come to the municipal market at an increase pace in the wake of the Affordable Care Act. Inside we review two healthcare issuers in particular.

Muniland Minute is a recurring guest post from Matt Posner and Bob Donahue of The Court Street Group looking at the week ahead in municipal finance. CSG is an independent leader in public finance research servicing individual investors, broker dealers, investment advisors and governmental bodies. This post is not to be considered legal, financial, or tax advice.
Matt PosnerMuniland Minute: October 28, 2016

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