Muniland Minute: October 14, 2016

with Matt Posner of The Court Street Group

Muniland Minute: October 14, 2016

Market Technicals Looks Challenging

As we head into what is likely to be the largest new-issue week of the year, we look at the technical indicators that are not favorable in the near-term.

Hurricane Matthew Implications for the Industry

Florida hasn’t had a major hurricane make landfall in 11-years so with Matthew in mind we review the various credits affected by natural disaster.

Chicago Gets an Outlook Upgrade

Two major rating agencies upgraded their outlooks for Chicago last week as the City Council made for tax increases to address looming pension liabilities.

Miami Settles Big with the SEC on Fraud Charges

The City Commission has settled with a $1 million fine, but the ex-budget director has not.

Muniland Minute is a recurring guest post from Matt Posner and Bob Donahue of The Court Street Group looking at the week ahead in municipal finance. CSG is an independent leader in public finance research servicing individual investors, broker dealers, investment advisors and governmental bodies. This post is not to be considered legal, financial, or tax advice.
Matt PosnerMuniland Minute: October 14, 2016

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