California Public Finance Data Unlocked

California Public Finance Data Unlocked

Ever wanted to know how much your city borrowed for its last infrastructure project? Or what attendance trends are doing in your local school district? Or who advises your water district on their financing needs? If you live in California, you can now do all of the above on Neighborly’s data platform.

Earlier this year we launched our data platform and have been testing it with the public finance professionals – issuers, municipal advisors, underwriters, counsel and analysts – who are responsible for helping to raise the $1 billion a day that finances our nation’s places and infrastructure. During our beta testing period, we focused on one type of public agency, school districts.

As of today public finance professionals can now use Neighborly to browse and analyze all 1,671 public agencies in California that have issued debt since December 1986, their 23,545 debt issuances during that time, the 73,477 disclosures they’ve made to investors and 479 of the organizations they’ve worked with, including municipal advisors, underwriters and counsel.*

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We’ve aggregated data from over 21 sources, spanning local, county, state and national datasets. Our efforts have benefited from some pioneering open data work by public agencies, such as the debtwatch project by California State Treasurer John Chiang and team. We’re continuing to add new partnerships and datasets every day.

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If you already have a public finance professional account, log in now and use the search bar to find a public agency or organization you’re interested in. If you have a more complex query in mind, hit Browse to narrow down your search.

Not got an account yet? Sign up today.

The latest version of the platform is being released first to municipal finance professionals, but we will be releasing this data to all users over the coming months.

Why are we building a data platform for public finance?

We believe that in order to make it more efficient for public agencies to finance infrastructure and make it possible for every type of investor to access investment opportunities, there needs to be much greater transparency and access to data. We need to build a data community.

Even though (as the name suggests) the public finance market depends almost exclusively on public data, there exists no consolidated source of all the information market participants might need – from issuance data to pricing, from demographics to local economic trends – without a hefty subscription fee. Last year we set about changing that, and since then we have been building a data infrastructure to support data on the entire public finance market.

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This data also powers the services at the heart of the Neighborly issuance platform. It allows issuers and their financing teams to plan and originate new issuances, to track their disclosure requirements and manage investor relations. If you’re an issuer who’d like to leverage the platform for an upcoming issuance and save time, money and hassle in the process, enter the Neighborly Bonds Challenge today.

The Neighborly Bonds Challenge is now closed. Learn about issuing with Neighborly at

In coming weeks we’ll be rolling out data coverage to more states. Would you like your state to be at the front of the line? Let us know.

*Note that our data may not include all privately placed debt or issuance activity that has not been reported to the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB). Read more about our data collection and accuracy.

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