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California Public Finance Data Unlocked

Ever wanted to know how much your city borrowed for its last infrastructure project? Or what attendance trends are doing in your local school district? Or who advises your water district on their financing needs?
RodrigoCalifornia Public Finance Data Unlocked

Invitation to Apply to the Neighborly Bonds Challenge

Greetings Civic Leader, First, thank you for your commitment to public service. We understand that leading and managing a municipal government can be challenging, especially in times of political and economic uncertainty. Financing the projects your community wants and needs should be simple and transparent.
JaseInvitation to Apply to the Neighborly Bonds Challenge

Neighborly Bonds Challenge – The Future of Public Finance

Part 1: A Market Ready for Change

Ever wonder how San Francisco paid for an enormous and awe-inspiring project like the Golden Gate Bridge? Or how your city funds infrastructure such as parks and schools that you rely on? These projects are made possible by issuing municipal bonds. Public agencies borrow money from investors and later pay it back with interest while using the proceeds to pay for public works projects.
JaseNeighborly Bonds Challenge – The Future of Public Finance

Jase & MIT on Banking as if Money Mattered

Exciting news! Our CEO, Jase Wilson, was recently interviewed in an MIT finance course, Just Money: Banking as if Society Mattered. This course attempts to look into banks that use capital and finance as a tool to address social and ecological challenges. It’s recommended for “anyone who wants to understand the unique role banks play as intermediaries in our economy and how they can leverage that position to produce positive social, environmental, and economic change.” The courseware is available for free on
Sam RichardsJase & MIT on Banking as if Money Mattered

Mary Taft-McPhee Joins Neighborly

Hi, I’m Mary, the new data scientist here at Neighborly! In my previous incarnation as a convertible bond trader for a large bank I got plenty of experience with people’s perceptions of financial activities and their social value. When I told someone what I did for a living I would often see their face fall.
neighborlyblogMary Taft-McPhee Joins Neighborly

Dylan O’Carroll Joins Neighborly

Hey I’m Dylan, a new software engineer here at Neighborly. In addition to being a coder, I’m also a finance nerd and hobbyist investor. I love keeping up on economic news and market trends because I believe it’s a great way to watch history play out in real time.
neighborlyblogDylan O’Carroll Joins Neighborly

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Using a new product in a professional context is rarely an easy switch. It may feel about as uncomfortable as switching banks or using a new health care provider.
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